Why Fight

GTA Traffic is established to support and consult with you prior to having a conviction registered, DO NOT PAY that ticket and contact GTA Traffic.

GTA Traffic represents you in court and in most instances your attendance is not required.

Most traffic tickets attract Demerit and CVOR Points, while some can even result in licence suspension and jail sentences.

Traffic tickets are one of the main reasons your insurance premiums could escalate to unaffordable rates.

Most insurance companies have up to a three conviction tolerance limit until a policy is cancelled; should this happen there would be a referral to a Facility Association with stratospheric premiums.

If there is a fair and ethical way to get you OFF (your charge dismissed) – GTA Traffic will get it DONE!

Traffic Stop


  • Traffic Ticket Defence
  • Appeals
  • Re-openings
  • Extensions
  • Licence Reinstatement
  • By-laws
  • Summary Criminal Charges

About GTA Traffic

GTA Traffic offers legal services by licenced paralegals, who are in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada. Our aim is to provide affordable and competent legal representation while utilizing our superb knowledge of court procedures and protocols. Specializing in this area of law with over 25 years of experience as well as being well-known and respected within the judicial system. GTA Traffic assures you an honest and realistic consultation to achieve the most desired outcome.

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